Official partners KO2M and KO1M in France 2024
From April 25 to 28, 2024



For 30 years in service with intervention groups and special forces around the world, PGM has been able to develop and adapt its range over time for civilian use.

For the King of 1 mile event, PGM notably offers its MINI HECATE 2 shotgun in 338 Lm with an 81 cm barrel.

For the King of 2 miles event, PGM offers its HECATE 2 in 416 Barrett with a 90 cm barrel.

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Since its founding in 1949 by Wilheim Swarovski, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-precision, long-range optical instruments for hunters, bird watchers and outdoor enthousiasts.
Our passion for beautiful products, our manufacturing precision, our attention to detail and our adherence to the highest standards in all company activities are inseparable from our culture.
In constant search of the best quality, SWAROVSKI OPTIK strives to always combine look, functionality, ergonomics, design and service.
“The world belongs to those who can see beauty. Experience the moment. SEE THE UNSEEN”


KAHLES – Sport / Competition Shooting
Our enthusiasm for shooting sports is based on the fascination of sports competition at the highest level, combined with the constant striving for perfection. Absolute body control and concentration require top physical and mental performance. Seriously done, shooting sports promote physical fitness and health, mental balance and a strong sense of responsibility.

With our own series of KAHLES competitions (IPSC, PRS, DLR, F-Class, 3 Gun) we offer ambitious shooters the opportunity to compete cross-border in challenging sports competitions in which we attach great importance to security, fairness and mutual respect.
Since 2020 KAHLES is the official partner for riflescopes of the IPSC world association in the field of ‘IPSC Rifle’. Please follow the link to see all KAHLES activities and the competition schedule 2022


Deon Optical Design are the creators and designers of March Rifle Scopes, which are hand-built in Japan to the highest optical standards possible.
Shooters deserve the best possible optics to succeed in all aspects of competition, tactical, and hunting situations, for this reason Deon have produced a March rifle scope for every situation.
Deon have over 3 decades of experience in optical design and manufacture, having previously designed some of the best selling scopes still in production today for other top manufacturers.

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With 110 years of experience in bar turning and 7 years of experience in the design of sports shooting products, the TPM brand (SAS PLUBEAU company) offers you a wide range of monometallic projectiles and bullet sets. reloading tools.
TPM is first of all the alliance of shooting enthusiasts, long distance shooting in particular, and a unique know-how in design and very high precision machining.
From this alliance were born several major ranges such as the range of projectiles dedicated to extreme long distance shooting (XTLD range), the range of projectiles dedicated to dynamic shooting (MF range), the range of projectiles dedicated to Shooting at Regulatory Weapons (TAR ) and the projectile range dedicated to hunting as well as its ammunition (range C).
But the company also offers a wide range of very high quality reloading tool sets. No less than 52 calibers have been designed in the workshops, in sets of 2 or 3 tools.
The TPM team will be present at KO2M and KO1M in Canjuers.
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The ARMECA armoury, created in 2006 by Bruno PUT, specializes in long-range shooting.

In addition to the impressive track record of its creator, his “custom” rifles are present on the podiums of the biggest French competitions of TLD and PRS.

On the website, you will find products carefully selected by Bruno as well as valuable advice.


Bushnell has been the industry leader in high performance sports optics for over 65 years. Its commitment is to produce the highest quality, most reliable and affordable optics on the market. The American brand continues to explore emerging technologies to bring to market optics that combine cutting-edge design with performance innovation. Its Elite Tactical range is specially designed for those who demand rock-solid durability and repeatability during training or competition.


Specialized optician and gunsmith, Charly and his team offer you a very wide range of sighting systems, shot stabilization and shooting accessories. For 2023 OPt’yss instruments will open a new armory / shooting range complex where you can find everything you need for sports shooting and test the optics on a magnificent observation spot.


“The PISTOLIER armory is an essential brand in the south of France thanks to its unique complex. In addition to a store with a very large stock, the armory has a shooting range with 17 firing points. 10 to 50 m indoors. You will find a competent and dynamic team and a wide range of products for shooting, hunting and leisure. Created in 1982, shooting specialist, the armory has been able to develop by specializing for 15 years in long distance shooting with the brands Cadex, Victrix tikka Sabatti.
Come meet and take advice from our TLD specialists and take advantage of our shooting ranges to take charge of your future rifle.
Partners of the first King of 2 Miles, find us on the King of 2 Miles set on our stand.


Element Optics is made up of a team of passionate professional shooters who design and manufacture top quality riflescopes and equipment for shooting optics. Decades of personal experience competing as professional shooters have provided us with unique insights into what the modern sport of shooting demands. We understand the intricacies of different shooting disciplines, from benchrest and PRS/NRL to long distance…
With a design team hailing from Sweden, South Africa and the United States, Element Optics brings together the best international skills and expertise to create the best optics possible. We provide the sporting and competition rifle industry with top quality products designed to be compatible with airguns and firearms.
Our team has been closely involved with innovative riflescope features for years and today pushes the boundaries of modern technology with Element Optics.
In partnership with carefully selected world-class manufacturers, we implement strict quality control procedures during the manufacturing process. As competitive shooters ourselves, we know the importance of good optics and are obsessed with optical clarity, tracking and inventive design. It’s what drives us to provide the best products for recreational shooters, snipers and outdoor enthusiasts.
Our industry-leading manufacturers own and operate high-precision CNC machining, lens coating and polishing equipment, as well as some of the best test equipment available. R&D teams are responsible for ensuring that Element Optics riflescopes remain at the forefront of optical engineering and will not fail under extreme conditions.
Our riflescopes go through some of the toughest tests in the industry before they are deemed fit to carry the Element Optics name. We cover the basics of waterproof, fogproof and shockproof, but go beyond the norm with extremely strict tracking tests, back-to-zero tests and 1000x recoil simulations. 1000G. Only when these tests are passed do we sign off on the included test card to show that the product has passed with flying colors.
Because of the confidence we have in our products, we offer a Platinum Lifetime Warranty which ensures you can have the same confidence. If the product stops working as it should, we’re here for you.
Imported into France since the brand was created by Planet Shopping, which offers Element Optics on the Chasseur et compagnie sales site, but also distributes the brand to French gunsmiths.
Find the entire range on the website, and in English on the website.


At Terräng MP-Sec France, we attach great importance to listening to the needs of our customers. Our experienced sales team is able to advise and train you on the most modern and appropriate equipment.

Zero Compromise Optic – a young company, since 2019 on the market, have the best and most experienced minds from Austria and the United States working on new and unique optical and mechanical concepts and designs. The close contact with sport shooters and hunters has made it possible to respond precisely to customer wishes.
We have packed unmatched optics into an extremely robust, user-friendly, precise and repeatable mechanics, produced in our own manufacturing in Austria! We offer features such as a switchable
reticle illumination (red/green), an intelligent automatic shut-off, lockable turrets as well as diopters and user-friendly feel.
We actually offer three models of riflescopes with different magnifications, different MIL reticles and popular Horus reticles as well as our own tactical mount and tactical accessories. As these are seen
the best on the precision sport shooting market, our products are getting more and more interest from military and law enforcement snipers.

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Since 1981, the SIDAM (Importation and Distribution Company of Arms and Munitions) has ensured the importation and distribution of the biggest shooting and hunting brands to authorized dealers and French administrations. Among the brands for which SIDAM is in charge of distribution, we find:



Today, place for the one who accepts to welcome us in order to carry out our competition!

The Canjuers camp, mainly the 1st regiment of African hunters!

The largest camp in Western Europe, an essential military complex for the operational preparation of land forces, the Canjuers camp covers 35,000 hectares on the high plateaus of northern Var in France. It is a privileged and unique training space for Army training regiments and organizations.
Since 2010, the Canjuers military camp has been under the command of the corps commander of the 1st regiment of African hunters.
Today, the 1st RCA is in charge of the training and the final conditioning of the units of the Army before projection on the theaters of external operations. He is also responsible for the command, management of activities and protection of the Canjuers military camp. Composed of experts in all fields, remaining anchored to the Cavalry by tradition, it is a combined arms unit entirely dedicated to the operational preparation of all land forces.
Always in the lead, the 1st regiment of African hunters has never failed to live up to its motto:


Impacts Ballistic

Specialist in long-range shooting training with its own ballistic computer.
Modeling of trajectories, calculation of ballistic dispersion, comparison of trajectories, creation of charts.

Accuracy Reloading was born in 2011 from the passion of ferruccio Cataldo (CEO of company) for reloading and precision shooting. It is widely believed that home reloading of ammunition represents a way to economize on the cost of the same, ignoring, however, that its ultimate goal is to achieve the creation of a customized cartridge for your weapon. It is from the perfect weapon / ammunition combination that the maximum accuracy will arise. The economic savings that some top-up procedures allow is only a collateral aspect and that is not always realised. Much more often, especially when trying to prepare cartridges in obsolete calibers whose components are now unobtainable, costs rise considerably. The type of reloading that inspires this project is undoubtedly that of precision, aimed at creating cartridges for rifles for sports use in the disciplines of Bench Rest and Long Range Shooting, where the maniacal attention to detail, components and manufacturing they are essential elements for those who want to obtain significant results.

Upstream of this commercial adventure there is a lot of passion, many hours spent in the shooting range and, above all, shooters rather than traders. The products we offer represent the best on a global scale and, before being offered to the public, they were thoroughly tested by our Shooting Team. By virtue of the experience gained, our Staff will always be at your complete disposal for any advice or suggestion you may need, even after sales.


Brownells France is the French branch of the American company Brownells, recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of everything relating to firearms, spare parts, shooting accessories, and hunting and sports shooting equipment. The company offers a wide range of products intended for both professionals and amateurs who are passionate about shooting and hunting.

Since its inception, Brownells has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of sports shooters, hunters, law enforcement and military personnel, offering quality products that cover virtually every aspect of ownership, maintenance, and the improvement of firearms. The diversity of its catalog is such that it can meet the needs of amateurs and professionals alike, making Brownells an essential resource in the field.

Longshot Target Cameras brand target cameras are designed to revolutionize the shooting experience by providing an innovative and practical solution for viewing the target at long distances. These camera systems allow shooters and hunters to see the impact of their shots on the target in real time, without the need to move or use binoculars. The cameras are distributed exclusively by the company LMA Distribution.

Design and Technology
Portability: Longshot cameras are designed to be easily transported and installed in different shooting ranges. They are compact, lightweight and often come with their own case or tripod for quick setup.
Weather Resistance: Built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, these cameras benefit from weather-resistant housing, making them ideal for use in a variety of shooting environments.
Battery Life: With long-lasting battery life, Longshot cameras can run for several hours, perfect for extended shooting sessions.

Real-Time Viewing: The real-time viewing feature allows users to immediately see the impact of their shots on the target via a smartphone, tablet or laptop, using a dedicated application.
Range: Longshot cameras offer impressive range, with some models able to transmit clear, sharp images at distances of over 1 mile (approximately 1.6 kilometers), making them perfect for long-range shooting.
Zoom and Mark Shots: Users can zoom in on shot impacts on target and mark each shot to track their progress and adjust their aim accordingly.

Improved Accuracy: By allowing instant visualization of impacts, shooters can quickly adjust their aim and improve their accuracy.
Saves Time: Eliminates the need to walk to the target to check hits, saving time and increasing the efficiency of training sessions.
Recording and Analysis: The ability to record shooting sessions for later analysis is a major asset for shooters wishing to evaluate and improve their performance.
In short, Longshot Target Cameras offer a perfect combination of advanced technology, practicality and enhanced shooting experience, making them a preferred choice for sports shooting enthusiasts and professionals.

Company Profile:

Schmidt & Bender GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of riflescopes and opto-electronic systems. The family-run company was founded in 1957 by Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Bender in Fellingshausen. With more than 90 employees Schmidt & Bender develops and produces products of the highest quality and reliability. The main focus is an optimal customer benefit in all fields of application Hunting, Competition and Defence. In addition to an extensive product portfolio for all operational distances, individual customer solutions and training courses are also part of the company’s services. This is only one reason why numerous units of the police and military, as well as their special forces, are among the customers of Schmidt & Bender.

The product portfolio of Schmidt & Bender includes riflescopes for every operational distance. In the field of close combat applications, the 1-8×24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC has recently won tenders both from the German Armed Forces with the “G28 Patrol Configuration” and in France with the “FPSA Program”. For close and medium range, the 3-20×50 PM II Ultra Short has been successful in the DMR and sniper rifle sector with the “US Army CSASS Programme”, the US Air Force or the Canadian Armed Forces. The 5-20×50 PM II Ultra Short was able to convice not only the G210 tender of the special forces of the German Armed Forces, but also other NATO partners and anti-terrorist units. In the long-range sector, the 5-25×56 PM II has established itself with many other units, among other things by winning the USSCOCOM “PSR Program”. Also, with the USSOCOM, the 3-27×56 PM II High Power was able to hold its own against its competitor products in the “Extreme Long Range Programme”. The further development to the 5-45×56 PM II High Power is in use in the Dutch military, among others. The latest development, the 6-36×56 PM II High Performance, sets new standards and is already in demand worldwide.

Lapua focuses primarily on premium quality small caliber ammunition for target shooters, hunters and law enforcement authorities.
Lapua has always strived to produce the best possible cartridges and ammunition components for those who have the same passion for precision as we do.
Competition results worldwide prove that we are the preferred ammunition partner for rifle and pistol shooting champions, everywhere.
We have achieved this by consistent product development of our ammo and components.
We also cooperate closely with hunters as well as top sport shooters.

Little Boy Rifles is an Italian company that builds made-to-measure and personalizes rifles, with the mastery that only great know-how and a great passion for weapons can give.

We stand out for the craftsmanship and maximum precision of every detail, creating rifled weapons with superior shooting performance and impeccable design. We do in house engineering and customization to manufacture bespoken products following customers’ requirements.
We follow and teach inexperienced customers on support and technical information on the ballistics of the chosen caliber, directing them towards the product most suited to their needs.
Thanks to investments in equipments and continuous technological research and development, we are able to satisfy every customization request, making unique and high-performance weapons available to customers. Our workshop is a strength point in Europe for all shooters who want a tailor-made rifle, guaranteeing excellent performance and unparalleled craftsmanship quality. We use both italian and foreign suppliers, choosing the best raw materials.

Choose Little Boy Rifles to own a perfect gun, custom built for you, unique.